I Got A Manicure Without Paying Cash! ?!

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OMG guys - I've found the best app ever – the Salon and Spa Booking option, inside the GroupOn app. Unless you've been living under a rock - you've probably used Groupon vouchers and deals at least once in your life. I know that I used to use their beauty steals a lot but no more - because now they're introduced something even better – a completely dedicated section within their app to make it that much easier.  

This is the easiest way to book beauty services - ever! It allows you to seamlessly book any beauty service around your location and at a time of your convenience at top salons and spas. The best part - you don't even have to book an appointment - it will do EVERYTHING for you! Even the payment and tips - so you don't have to worry about taking out cash etc.  


How great is it?! I loved the concept and was very lucky to be given the opportunity to try it out - my experience was brilliant! I was sitting at home bored and looking at my nails that needed a lot of attention and decided to book an appointment using the app. From reviews to direction to busy times - the app has everything and the entire procedure of selecting and making an appointment to get my nails done literally took a couple of minutes - talk about ease. *warning - really bad 'before' shot of nails coming up - yikes!  

All I had to do after that was show up - be treated to a wonderful manicure and relax! The best part about the experience was after my manicure I didn't have to worry about taking out my wallet and smudging my nails (I saw a few ladies do that) - since the GroupOn app had taken care of the payment and the tip I had selected earlier I literally got up and walked out. Talk about ease! 

Would I recommend this? Absolutely! It's completely free and gives you countless options based on your location. No need to Google reviews and location and timings and book appointments any more - just let Groupon’s Salon and Spa Booking do all the work!

*check out the after - I mean, what a difference! Haha 


Now - here's the best part - you get to experience this ON A DISCOUNTED PRICE - woohoo! Just use the code NAYAB10 and get a $10 discount on Groupon :) 

Have a quick second and want to check it out? Then if you have the GroupOn App on your phone, just click HERE to go and experience it for yourself! 

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Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post for GroupOn. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

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