Day In The Life - Apple Picking & Corn Mazes

Hey guys! In case you can't tell, or don't live where I do - FALL IS HERE! That means it's time for boots and scarves, Instagrams with fallen leaves and pumpkin spice lattes (not for me though - I hateeeee pumpkin spice lattes, ugh)

My friend was visiting from Houston a few days back and we decided to go to an apple orchard near where I live and it was soo soo fun! This was my first time doing anything of the sort since activities like these really aren't done in Pakistan, and that's a shame because I had an amazing day and wished things like these were more popular back there. Families, couples, old couple, friends - everyone was enjoying the very strange but welcome warm weather in Chicago, munching on fresh baked donuts, slurping soft serves and getting lost in the corn mazes!

I can't wait to go again in a few weeks time - there will be a haunted corn maze then - I'm already excited! Hope you guys enjoy some of my pictures from the day - until next time, tc!

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