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Hey guys - Since it's still summer, that means I'm still half way in between over powdering my face and looking like my makeup has seen better days LOL. I was recently sent a selection of Pixi Beauty* stuff and I have to say, their mists have really impressed me. I got to try two of them and I honestly can't decide which one I like more!

Before I get into individual reviews - let me just say, I love the packaging of these! There is absolutely no leakage and the actual spray is pretty damn good! It sprays out the perfect amount of moisture, not too much that you feel like your face is wet and not to little that you spray away half the bottle in one go!

Also, I'm a fan of the pretty light green packaging!

Hydrating Milky Mist - 

Now I'll be honest - I'm one of those people who when it gets super hot and humid, doesn't even want to put on sun screen, let alone a moisturizer! Really bad, I know, but just being honest. If you're like me then this is where the Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Mist comes into place - this is literally a moisturizer in a spray bottle. I spritzed this on, go about and apply my makeup and it stays on wonderfully the entire day. 

I've used this in place of a moisturizer, with a moisturizer, on top of a moisturizer and after I've done my makeup - in all situations my skin is left looking and feeling hydrated and moisturized! 

A definite recommendation from my side! 

Price - $15 

Availability - Target and online HERE!

Glow Mist - 

Given our obsession with *glow* these days, anyone and everyone just slaps on the word *glow* on their products and it will sell like hot cakes - but in my experience, not all products identified as *glow* inducing do what they're meant. I'm so happy to report this is not the case with the Glow Mist by Pixi Beauty.

I love using this mist after I over powder my face (which is almost always) to make it look a lot more natural and less cake! This does a fabulous job at doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy. I also really enjoy using this as a makeup refresher on days when I've applied my makeup in the morning and haven't had time to touch up till late afternoons. I'm not exactly sure how this is achieved, but my makeup instantly looks refreshed, and not like it was applied hours and hours ago!

Just remember to shake the bottle well before using it!

Price - $15 

Availability - Target and online HERE!

*PR Samples
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