5 Reasons To Buy The Kylie Lip Kit In Ginger

1. It seems to be the perfect, almost nude but not quite shade that works wonderfully on my desi skin tone! It's a beautiful warm-toned almost terra-cotta brown shade. If you're looking for something that would go well with an everyday natural makeup look, a super intense smokey eye and everything in between - then this is your shade! The Kylie Lip Kit in Ginger is so versatile, I've work it with tons of different looks and there hasn't been a single time where I think, 'oh this doesn't look good' - that gets double thumbs up from my side!

2. The lip liner is pretty bomb! Not only is it the perfect lip  liner to use with the lip kit itself, it's such a natural shade, you can use it with almost any nude lipstick you have. Or if you have a darker lip color that you want to tone down, the Ginger lip liner will work for that too! Also, if you're into over lining your lips just a bit, this will almost let you get away with it!

3. The formula is pretty great! And no, it is not the same as the Colourpop liquid lipsticks. I know in the start when these came out there was a huge controversy regarding whether the Kylie Lip Kits were just branded Colourpop liquid lipsticks, but seriously guys, the formula isn't the same at all. It's a lot thinner than the Colourpop ones but a lot less drying. This doesn't mean they're not drying at all, they are, but it's nothing extreme. Just apply vaseline liberally before application and you should be good to go!

4. This stuff lasts! And I mean lasts, through a lot of eating and drinking - which is always a good thing in my books! I'm not saying that this won't come off, but if you eat carefully you won't have to worry about looking all kinds of funny with half of your lipstick on your lips and half of it, God knows where haha!

5. If you manage to snap these up during a sale, it's actually a pretty good deal. I'm a blogger who has rarely fallen for hyped up products, a budgeter at heart, I'm always looking for deals/sales etc and I managed to get this lip kit for less than $20 and without shipping during the Cyber Monday sale which is actually a great bargain if you think about it. A hyped up celebrity liquid lipstick and lip liner that is actually good for under $20? Yes, please!

Price - $29

Availability - click HERE!

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