This Hourglass Primer Is The Most Luxurious Face Primer Ever

First off, for the sake of proper disclosure, I was very lucky to be sent the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer via Influenster for reviewing purposes. I'm not one to usually splurge on high-end makeup, I just love budget-finds, but this one is pretty darn amazing! Influenster introduced me to the brand and now I'm constantly eyeing the new Hourglass foundation stick every time I'm at Sephora! More on that later though haha.

Packaging - 

The packaging for the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer* is super luxe. The frosty glass feels weight-y in your hand but it's not big at all, so if you're traveling, chucking this in your makeup bag will not be an issue. The Mineral Veil Primer bottle comes with a pump which is always handy, and the best part is that on the back sticker of the bottle, you have the expiry date clearly visible! This is very handy for makeup enthusiasts like me who tend to hoard stuff and forget about what product is near its expiry date lol. I don't know if other makeup brands are doing this now, but kudos to Hourglass Cosmetics for placing it in such a permanent place.

The Product - 

Now the product it self if luxury - I mean, if you're paying $54 for a primer, you expect a lot from it and the Mineral Veil Primer goes above and beyond my expectations! All you need to cover your face with the most silky feeling concoction is a pump - that's it! Even 3/4th of pump will do! There are days where I don't wear foundation, actually a lot of days, and just wearing this feel like something is being patched together. My skin feels plump, when touched instead it feels hydrated and just looks a bit fresher. I love putting this on, given it has SPF15 and then following up with just concealer for an everyday look. Whether you use foundation, or just concealer, the Mineral Veil primer will help your foundation (or any makeup that you've applied) stay on all day! No oiliness will start to come after a couple of hours thanks to the oil-free formula and no cracks will start to emphasize near laugh lines! This product is almost perfection!

Final Thoughts - 

If you want something that will make your skin feel velvety soft when touched, will keep your makeup in place all day, keep your face matte yet glowy at the right places then this is the product for you! I can't recommend it enough!

Or if you think I haven't summed it well, the founder of Hourglass Cosmetics is a lot more eloquent than me! Lol.

“Before I developed Veil Mineral Primer, I wasn’t a big fan of using makeup primers. They always felt like an extra and unnecessary step in your makeup regimen. But then I started working with a chemist on the idea of a next generation primer, and, after numerous incarnations, we came up with Veil. It was unlike any other primer I had seen—it was silky in texture, it concealed redness, it repelled water so your foundation lasts longer and it had an SPF. I felt like it delivered in so many ways that I knew it had earned a place in my daily routine.” —Carisa Janes, HOURGLASS founder

Price - 

A little steep, but definitely worth it, the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer costs $54.

Availability - 

Sephora - click HERE!
Hourglass Cosmetics - click HERE!
Nordstrom - click HERE!

*sent via Infleunster for testing purposes. 

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