Beauty & The Beast - Movie Review

If you're one of the very few people who haven't had a chance to see Beauty & The Beast then this review is for you - I'm imagining there is almost no one left who hasn't seen it but I wanna jump into the world of movie reviews on my blog, so I thought I'd start with something that is as majorly anticipated as Beauty & The Beast. With Emma Watson as the perfect Belle and my long-time crush Dan Stevens playing Beast - I was definitely waiting for this to release since months! Did it live to my expectations? Wellllllllll, I'll be honest - not so much! Here's why -

1. Beauty & The Beast has just way too many songs in it! I understand the importance of having the songs, but for me personally it was one (or two) songs too many. I actually had a friend who fell asleep in the cinema during the songs - they got that boring lol! One or two in the entirety of the movie would've been just perfect.

2. While I understand this pointer only applies to those who are as shallow as me and only want to ogle at good looking men while watching a movie - they REALLY messed up Dan Stevens in the movie. I think the Beast was actually really well visualized but it was him in the prince part that really put me off - how they managed to make Dan freakin Stevens look bad is beyond me, but sadly it is possible! Ugh!

3. I really couldn't get as emotionally invested into the movie as I was sure I would be before watching it. I mean, I'm a cryer, there's nothing I enjoy more than crying during movies, and I cry over anything and everything in a movie, but somehow - this just had me not *feeling* it. I know a friend who went to watch the movie with her brother who never cries and both of them were bawling their eyes out by the end so maybe it's just me who wasn't really feeling it *shrugs*

4. At the end of this movie, I expected I would be super happy with a feel-good vibe but I just wasn't feeling it - I mean I loved Cinderella and that movie had me grinning for a while after it finished, Beauty & the Beast - not so much.

All in all, would I recommend this movie to you?

If you're a die-hard Disney fan who isn't bothered by songs that go-on forever, I'd say go rush and watch it ASAP but if you're like me, I'd say watch it when you cinema has a 50% of ticket (like my cinema does every Tuesday) or just stream it online somewhere :) Or better yet, if you really want to go watch a movie in the cinema, GO WATCH LOGAN ASAP! It is beyond brilliant, I'm not a X-Men fan or anything, I haven't kept up with all the movies released but this one is pure perfection. I cried and bawled like a baby at least 3-4 times during this movie, it's so so good!

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