What I Did On Valentine's Day 2017

I have to say, Valentine's Day is very divisive - some like it, some don't and some just really hate it! I really don't mind the day itself, but I've never really actually celebrated it either lol. So me and Imad just decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner a day before and be done with it, that's about it.

A close up of the makeup - if you guys want me to do a proper breakdown of the look, let me know! I'll make a YouTube video on it soon!

A quick OOTD, I assure you, the deep burgundy top wasn't worn for Valentine's Day - it was purely coincidentally, which I obviously realized later on haha.

Here's some of what we actually had for dinner - since Imad LOVES sushi and I'm really starting to get into it - we chose Japanese. Unlike Imad, I really don't like raw sushi, so anything that's fried and spicy - I'm all for it, yum! We also decided to try something new - a sushi called 911 which turned out to be some sort of flaming sushi - all that fire on our dinner table was quite exciting haha. I don't know if you guys can tell - but it was literally on fire, and we had to blow out the flames ourselves lol (after Snapchatting and taking pictures though haha)

The best part of the day although, was this lovely box of wonderful Valentine's Day goodies that was delivered back home in Pakistan! The Body Shop has always gone a step ahead for bloggers and this box brimming with some of their best selling products was such a treat! My mom has decided to use these and review them for you guys, how sweet - so keep an eye out for that review very soon!

So that's my little recap of Valentine's Day 2017 - what did you guys do? Something special or just treated it as a normal Tuesday? :) Let me know in the comments below. 

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