Trying Out Cult Classics From Kiehls

I'd like to call myself a budget blogger, almost everything on my blog comes under the drugstore category, I love finding affordable things that work and given that you guys are receptive to such posts, I can tell that you guys enjoy that too. This isn't just my rule for makeup, it's the same for clothing, accessories, and skincare. I've always heard of people 'investing in skincare' and thinking to myself - is it really that different that great alternatives from stores like, let's say, the Body Shop etc. I don't know still.

If you're on Instagram or generally follow beauty trends, you'd be aware of how the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil and Avocado Eye Cream is considered to be the be all, end all these days for bloggers and while I rarely fall for hype, fall I did this time, ha! Fortunately for my bank account, it was on Cyber Monday that I decided to do some impulse shopping - here's what I bagged.

As a part of the Cyber Monday promotion, I got $20 off my order, which was definitely a relief. As a person who loves to be cheap - the original amount for these two was a bit on the pricey side. I'm still trying out these products - are they worth the splurge? is the hype real? is there a dupe somewhere for them? I'm hoping to answer all these questions in full blown reviews for these items once I've used them enough :)

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