2016 - A Quick Recap Of My Year

I know, I know - I'm almost a month too late with this post - all these recaps and resolution posts start pouring in end December and start of Jan but I was on a blog break during that time, so let's just pretend that it's not almost mid February.

2016, according to the media has been a year of travesties and tragedies, and while that may be so, on a personal front - it has been the most life changing and exhilarating year. I feel like I've marked off quite a few tradtional milestones that typically thrust an individual into adulthood - am I an adult now? I've always felt like more adult-isn than my peers in all stages of life so I'm not sure if achieving/doing these things has made me more into an adult than I was before - makes me ponder..

Anyways, here are the three major highlights of 2016 for me :) Hope you enjoy!


Woohoo, and I seriously mean woo-freakin-hoo, I graduated university and I'm so glad I'm done with this part of my life. I'm not an academically gifted person, I'm someone with a weak ass memory that had to work 10 times harder than normal students would just to keep up therefore effectively making my time at university a incredibly challenging one (more so than normal). Having friends around me definitely helped but having one of my best friends move to Sweden midway and the other graduate before time, made the last semester at university more miserable than ever for me. When I got my clearance, let's just say, I couldn't be more relieved. I'm now a holder of a Bachelors of Sceince in Development Studies, yay, with no intention of gaining a Masters degree any time soon! Lol!


I know right after university, there's supposed to be a struggle phase where you can't find a decent job, having to do mundane jobs that have no relevance to your degree and blah blah but I'm so glad I didn't have to. Make sure how I haven't used the word lucky here, luck had nothing to do with me scoring a job with a prestigious organization at the very start of my career, it was just advance planning by me. I know that is coming off a bit pompous, but here me out, take this advice and it will (hopefully) workout for you as well as it did for me.

Now a little back story, I knew I did not want to start my Masters right after my Bachelors since before I even started my Bachelors. I always wanted to work and earn (did that before starting university as well) so that is what I did around the 3rd semester at university. At first, it was an office job which I could do from 9-3 (I had evening classes so it all worked out) but after a couple of semesters than routine took a toll on me and I decided to look for something that I could do from home, and that is exactly what I found. I started menacing social media for renowned beauty blogs, I could set up the hours I wanted and it was just an amazing opportunity for me. (I still have that job as my secondary one) - fast forward a few years, when it came to applying for jobs, or job leading to internships, unlike all my fellows who had zero experience, I had a truckload of work experience under my belt. I internet with a USAID organization at first where they worked me to death and beyond and then they asked me to join in as a full-time employee and that is what I did.

Case in point here is, the only edge I had over my peers was ample of work experience before I graduated university - seriously, that's it. Even people with better GPAs are struggling at finding jobs or stuck with jobs that don't pay them enough and this is what helped me ALOT! I hope it helps some of you guys out too :)


If you follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or any social media site - you would know that at the end of 2016 - I got married! What? Why? How? Who? All shall be answered in a new post since this one already feels like a thesis essay LOL.
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