Are These The Best Stuffed Potatoes In Islamabad?

For some reason every time I try to eat clean, or go on some sort of a diet - a food company gets in touch and wants to send over some delicious snacks! Haha - this time around it was SPUDS - a relatively new food service in Islamabad. So a little about Spuds, it is basically a home delivery service where they serve you premium stuffed potatoes, with their signature mouth watering variants of stuffings and dressings along with breaded wings and steamed vegetables! Let me just tell you, this was soo worth ditching my losing weight efforts haha!

So I went for the fire starter with creamy spinach variant and it was so so filling! Seriously - if you order this, make sure you have someone you can share it with - it's surprisingly quite filling. I loved the sauce, how it was still wonderfully hot when served and the complimenting veggies to help you feel better about gorging on this luxurious cheesy sauce haha! 

I would definitely recommend everyone to try it out at least once - it really is something different but please don't think of it as a snack, since its ALOT more filling! 

Price - Starts from PKR 470

How to order - Click HERE!

Since I lack finesse when it comes to describing food - here's what they have to say about what their wonderful service actually is - 

Think about the ultimate food. Juicy, tender and meaty stuffed potato that melts in your mouth. Oozing and dripping with cheesy sauces. Pure heavenly indulgence. A comforting, piping hot dish right out of your grandmother’s oven. A unique and delicious experience. A filling and wholesome meal. Keeping that in view, we came up with - Spuds "The Premium Stuffed Potato!"

Our potatoes are carefully selected, filled with delicious stuffing and topped with an array of delightful dressings using the finest ingredients in our signature recipe. What’s more? We deliver it right to your doorstep.

Make your platter by choosing from 2 premium stuffings and 3 premium dressings. All platters are served with a complimentary sideline of Fiery crumb fried chicken wings and sautéed vegetables. Now that’s what we call great value!

Years ago we laid frozen in time, our existence marked as scribbles of recipes on pieces of paper in an attic in Rio. We worked every now and then to bring extraordinaire in religious festivities or at family occasions. This had to change!

Inspired by the beautiful beaches of South America, the fun and frolic of the Brazilian Carnival, crazy football fever, South American dance and absolute party, Spuds unveils its signature range of Premium Stuffed Potatoes. Unique, wholesome, hygienic, convenient and Super delicious.

Call at 03-1111-778-37 to order!

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