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Hey guys! Super quick post today. So a while back a got a huge package, full to the brim of tons of body and skin care goodies from Herbion Naturals. Now this was a brand that I hadn't heard of before, but upon researching more I found out that they're super reasonable and easily available as well. So, now that you know they're budget friendly, the question arises - are they even worth it?

I'd say, majority of the products yes! My absolute favorites are the hand creams and the facial wash - they're really good! Been using them everyday since I got them and I've nearly finished them haha.

Seaweed Whitening Face Wash - PKR 275 

This is a great face wash for people like me who wear mascara and some concealer on an everyday basis. All I do when I come home on lazy days and don't want to get too fancy with my skin care routine is to just use this - it takes of the basic makeup I have on my face without drying out my skin and I'm good to go.

Moisturizing Hand Cream - PKR 225

I have one of these in my hand bag and the other on my work desk - with the Islamabad winters being super dry and no sign of rain - my hands have been cracking like anything. This hand cream is super moisturizing and the best part is that it sinks into the skin completely so you aren't left with that greasy feeling - thumbs up from my side!

Seaweed Mud Mask - PKR 600

Now I'll be honest, I've only used this one - I'm saving it for the summer time when my skin is oily and needs a good mud mask to soak up all the extra oil. For winters, using mud masks when my skin is already so dry isn't really a good idea! Nevertheless, it's a good handy mask to have around.

Seaweed Whitening Cream - PKR 250

I'm not a person who believes that whitening creams and potions can really alter our skin color so I just used this as a normal moisturizers and it works well. It's not ground breaking or life changing, but I''m using up what I have without any complains.

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