Would You Try This Pumpkin (Kadu) Mask?!

Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll attest to the fact that I don't like pumpkins - period! So when this Brightening Pumpkin Honey Glycolic mask was sent my way by Andalou Naturals - I was apprehensive about trying it. First things first, it doesn't smell nice so if you're looking for a flowery smelling face mask, this is not the one for you - but if you are looking for a brightening mask that really does work, you might wanna keep reading.

So, I'll keep this short and sweet. Once you get over the strong scent that this mask gives off, you'll notice the texture. It has minuscule middle abrasive particles in it that really exfoliate your skin as you're washing the mask off. I've tried this mask a handful of times up till now, and slowly but steadily, there has been a difference in my skin. I'm going crazy with work and shady preps these days so while I may not look like a glowing bride after using this, I'm starting to look less and less tired after every use and that's always a great thing. You obviously have to keep using the mask for the results to stay longer, this isn't a one time and you're fixed forever kinda product (do those even exist?!)

I apply the mask for about 10 minutes, during which it does start to sting so if you're someone who doesn't like that, be warned. After that just wash off with warm water and you're done. Easy peasy!

Price - PKR 1, 355
Availability - HERE!
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