OOTD - Arora By Roma

I'll be honest, orange isn't a color I would ever choose to buy for myself so I was a bit hesitant to wear what I had been sent by the lovely team of Arora (you might remember me talking about them from a while back, here's the post). From a personalized hand written card, to some delicious Lindtt that was gobbled up immediately.. the package had everything to make a blogger feel special.

Anyways, like I said - orange was a color I had avoided for as long as I can remember, but this sequined glitter kurt by Arora has changed my mind completely. I have never, ever gotten as many compliments at my work place as I did when I wore this to work. From hearing that I look fresh, to I look a lot slimmer (yay!) - praises were pouring in from everywhere and I couldn't be happier.

Usually when brands send me stuff, they usually send foundation 10 shades lighter, or shirts two sizes too big - but everything about this was perfection. From the sizing, to a color that flattered my skin-tone  and a cut that slimmed me down - everything was, as they say in Instagram lingo, on point! I love the contrasting yet subtle print on it, the perfectly aligned pleats on one side on top, and the super snazzy glitter collar and pocket on the other.

I'm a big fan of Arora quality in general - I was gifted a gorgeous evening clutch by them ages ago, and it still as good as it was back then. I recently wore it to my Nikkah as well, if that isn't a testament  to how much I adore it, dunno what is! Check out the clutch HERE!

Here's a quick OOTD from when I wore this - hope you enjoy :) 

Kurta - Arora
Pants - Outfitters
Bag - Aldo
Shoes - Can't even remember, they're that old!

Details - 

Arora Facebook page - HERE!
Arora Location - 3rd Floor, Centaurus Mall. 

Psst.. there's a End of Season Sale there right now, with price slashed upto 50% off! 

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