How To Buy ELF Cosmetics In Pakistan

Rejoice! ELF Cosmetics has finally landed in Pakistan - the real deal this time, not some seller trying to pretend they're the actual ELF authorized people operating in Pakistan lol. I love ELF as a brand, they've come a long way since their $1 range and made some amazing skincare, cosmetics and brushes! As a lovely gesture, the team over at ELF Pakistan sent me some lovely goodies! Reviews on these will be up shortly, but for now - I'm going to link here the review of one ELF product THAT YOU MUST BUY! Click HERE! to read and then immediately go shop for it on the official ELF Pakistan website HERE!

Oh, and there's a nifty little discount code for you guys to save a little while you shop! Details are in the last image below :)

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