Why I Won't Be Applying Henna / Mehendi This Eid!

I remember exactly when my love affair with mehendi / henna ended - it was during my best friends wedding that she had hired a henna artist to come over to her place and basically apply henna on all the 'bridesmaids'. All was well, till the henna started drying on my hands - at first it was a slight burning sensation and then it was quite a lot. I have to mention here that I have quite a high pain threshold so, if I say it was burning, best believe it was BURNing! Lol. Anyways, that wasn't event the worst part since I sucked it up and went on with my life. It was a couple of days after when the mehendi was fading away that the real issue came. Instead of fading away, like normal mehendi / henna this damn thing was peeling off?!?! I mean, what the flower? My skin was literally peeling off in the same design as the henna - it was freaky! It hurt, the peeling took quite a few days and basically by the end of the ordeal, I had said goodbye to henna / mehendi forever. It's a stance that I still feel very strongly for and have never gotten henna applied again.

That doesn't mean I don't like looking at the designs and appreciating them. My personal taste when it comes to mehendi is basically very simple, I don't like super thin designs that basically cover up every surface of skin on your hand! Below are some of my favorite ones, I know they're not the most 'traditional' henna Eid designs but if I were to ever go back to applying henna - I would love to get one of these! 

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