Top 5 Desi Instagram Influencers You NEED To Follow

Who run the world? Desi girls, that's for sure haha - I love Instagram and I'm on it ALL THE TIME! Check out some of my favorite Desi Instagram Influencers that I follow :) Part 2 coming soon <3 

Irene Sarah


Irene is a Los Angeles based blogger and photographer, who loves to travel and is obsessed with beauty! From reviewing the latest products to re-creating celebrity makeup looks - Irene does it all on her blog and YouTube channel! Follow her and her super cool husband Waseem Stark HERE!

Sharifa Easmin


Sharifa is a Bangaldeshi American who does flawless makeup and is hilarious to boot! She uses a ton of drugstore beauty products in her reviews and tutorials which I love and has an adorable son that you just can't get enough of on Snapchat! Check out her amazing makeup looks HERE!

Himani Wright


Himani is a super DIY-everything blogger from Australia that has a natural remedy for anything and everything! She does a bit of everything from makeup and fashion to fitness and lifestyle stuff! If you love DIY'ing then you need to follow Himani HERE!

Farah Dhukai


Farah is the lady behind all those super viral DIY videos on Instagram. Not only are her getting ready videos some of the best (perfect for desi style inspiration) but she has also has a skincare line, namely Farsali that has everyone raving! Follow the Canada based blogger, blessed with the most stunning natural lashes HERE!

Bodmon Zaid


Laiba is popular all over Instagram for her fiery red hair and her amazing fitness programs. Not only is she a big promoter of working out and being healthy, she has some amazing $10 weight loss program that have helped countless people. On her Intagram, she has a bit of everything, from beauty and hair tutorials to lots of workout videos! Follow her HERE!

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