Mint Lemonade - Ramadan Recipes

So, Day 2 of my Ramadan transmission (lol, it's quite a far cry from what you see on TV though, right) and we are talking on how you can make the most easiest peasiest mint lemonade ever - in the world. I'm not even exaggerating. Now there are two versions of this, the 5 minute one and the 15 minute one. The 15 minute one is definitely a bit more healthy than the other version, although both are super refreshing, especially for iftar! I've read that green as a color is one of the most soothing for the eyes, etc etc - so this green drink (which isn't a green juice, thank God! Lol) will be easy on your eyes and will refresh you internally too!

5-Minute Version

What You Need

- Any ready-to-make lemonade mixture (I used the Tang black pepper version)
- 1 big bunch of fresh mint leaves
- 1 normal-sized jug of water


All you need to do is make your lemonade mixture as you normally would, directions are on the back usually, for those who are very inept in the kitchen, haha. Next, take your mint, wash it thoroughly - and start taking out all the mint leaves. Next, bring out your blender, take half a cup of the lemonade you made, pour it into the blender along with the mint leaves and blend till it's of a really smooth consistency. Now add this super green mixture into the rest of the lemonade you made, give it a good stir and ten keep it in the refrigerator to chill! Make sure you stir it well right before serving because the mint leaves tend to accumulate on the top, resulting in what you can see in my images. Couldn't really stir well during my photography haha.

15-Minute Version

Now in the version, you don't use the ready-t0-make lemonade mixture, but use actually home-made lemonade. That means going through the entire shebang of squeezing lemons and everything. The way to make mint remains the same!

Please do try this drink, it's way more refreshing than I've made it look here - my photography skills do not do justice here, at all, haha.
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