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How To Make Your Own BB Cream

Summers are here, that means it's bye-bye to anything and everything resembling a foundation! I rarely ever wear foundation as is, but I can't even imagine wearing it on an everyday basis in the summers. The heat, humidity - omg - it would be a disaster haha. So what do you do if you need a little bit of something to make your face a bit more even? You get a BB cream! BUT - the BB creams in the market always have something lacking, too light or too dark, or no SPF, something is always up with them! So I decided to make my very own DIY BB Cream that EVERYONE and ANYONE can make with the ingredients lying at home!

So since we are making our own BB Cream, I want it to be a BB Cream with the qualities I want. A perfect BB Cream for me would have -

1. Long lasting properties
2. Just a bit of coverage
3. SPF is a must!

So to make MY perfect BB cream, keeping in mind the properties I've mentioned above - here is what you would need!


1. Primer (so that our BB cream can last all day)
2. Foundation (we can add it depending on the amount of coverage needed)
3. Moisturizer (that is oil-free and has SPF)
4. Empty container (for storage)


All you need to do is mix these three ingredients in the ratios that you want and keep it in a container! That's it. So for my custom BB Cream, I used 2 parts moisturizer, 1 part primer and 1/2 part foundation!

How simple is that! Now you can add or subtract anything to make this BB Cream according to what YOU want. If you want some anti-acne properties, you can add a drop of mild Tea Tree oil - if you want the coverage of the BB Cream to be more - you can add more foundation and less moisturizer. And so on and so forth - the options are endless!

I hope you guys try out this BB Cream and let me know what proportions of ingredients you used!


  1. I have been mixing my foundation and moisturizer for quite some time but this is amazing! Will definitely give it a go.


  2. Interesting :)


  3. for some reason, I have never liked BB Creams. Will give this a go and see if it works this time. =)

    Fatemah Sajwani | What Fatemah Says

  4. Sounds really good!! Will be doing it for sure now

  5. great idea definitely i ill try


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