Hi, I’m Nayab!

Well hello there and welcome to my blog! This beauty, home and style blog is where I, Nayab, like to put up posts about things I like, love, hate, wore, bought, ate and did! This little space on the internet is my baby that I work hard on and I hope you guys like what you read :)

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes + Giveaway (closed)

'Tis the season for change! Well, not really but I've been wanting to change lots of things. Things like my ridiculous sleeping cycle, my procrastination, my dangerously unhealthy addiction to Pepsi, and while I may not have changed any of those, I have changed my blog design, template, logo - the works you know.

What do you guys think of this one? I have a habit of changing my blog designs over and over again, but I think this is the one that I'll be sticking to for over a year at least. I'm loving the new header as well (as you might be able to deduce, I'm definitely a bit partial towards it haha) and will be getting it printed on blog business cards and everything.

Nayab Loves is maturing as I grow, and as my interests and who I am change, I want that to reflect on my blog as well. Press release deadlines and time constraints by PR companies really got to me these past few months, so you won't be seeing too much of that anymore.

I don't talk much about personal stuff on my blog, and with this new design and feel of the blog - I'm hoping to change that. Life style blogging is what interests me the most currently so that's where this blog is headed. Don't worry though, beauty and makeup is a huge part of who I am so you won't NOT be seeing that haha.

Enough with the rambling - here's a before and after of my blog. And to support my readers for sticking with me through long unexplained procrastination induced breaks - there's a giveaway below :)

Have a great day!

Logo designed by -  Prisms & Paintbrushes (click HERE!)



EDIT - Giveaway Winner is Arifa Anwer! 
Please email me at nayabloves@hotmail.com with your contact details <3 

So now onto the giveaway (closed)! 

Here's what one of you lovely lot will be getting :) 

1 x Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip 
1 x Julep Maven Nail Color 
1 x Temporary Flash Tattoos 

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is just leave a comment down below, letting me know about yourself and what kind of posts you would like to see. That's it!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Just in case you would like to be super nice and help a sister grow her social media here are some links you can follow - THERE IS NO COMPULSION TO DO SO THOUGH - leaving a comment is your entry for the giveaway! 

Facebook Page - HERE!

Instagram - HERE!

Snapchat - nayabnajam

Winner will be announed a week from now :) 


  1. Hey there! I am minahil and I totally love your blogs they're so helpful and you always help me whenever I dm you about highlighters and bb creams that's super nice of you ! 😊
    And I would like to see some more steps to get strobing or highlighting on point that's all. Hope to win xx

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  3. Hi! My name is Maryam and I have been following your blog for over a year now. The best part about your blog is the make up part that's for sure. I love your quick make up videos and those gorgeous swatches 😍 next favorite part is the food blogging. I discovered quite a few places in Islamabad through you and I totally recommended them to other people. So these two parts I dont want to miss on your blog. Since you are going towards lifestyle blogging then I look forward to see some lifestyle hacks :) this new look of your blog is awesome. All the best xx
    P.S. I already follow you on fb and instagram.

  4. Hy ayesha here . Short intro em student of CA with tough and hell busy life .. but from that busy life i manage to take some time for my self to read to enjoy to dine out and so on . I love buying quality makeup stuff and trying new looks in my spare time so its fun . I follow most of your tip regarding makeup stuff and it turn out every helpful for me thank you so mucj for writing these blogs and helping us in many ways .. following on all channels :* lots of love

  5. Hey, lovely! A fellow makeup and fashion enthusiast in Islamabad ^__^ Currently a 4th year medical student.. We have very similar opinions about trends and I love getting perspective and information about cute trends, drugstore makeup reviews (I'm a hoarder! I LOVE that nail polish; own two Julep polishes myself but they're not my fav colors..)
    Keep up the consistent work!Excited for your future!
    Congrats again xo

  6. First of all..good luck for your blog changes :-) its a good change.
    As of about me..I'm an ex IT Project Manager and quite far away from beauty stuff :-P but now I'm a housewife and mother of a toddler girl so my interests have got changed over past few years. I'm more interested in lifestyle blogging and good to know you are heading more towards it. But I'm also a lipstickholic and all the stuff related to that so my eyes are more on that colorpop ultra matte lip ;-)

  7. hi me sunaila, I am a housewife.I have kids,join family.i haven't time for polour, I spend some time at FB and Instagram, so I want to get some information about fashion and trends. because I am a fashion lover and I love makeup.I want to look beautiful and smart.when I following your blogger. I realized that I can get information from your page which I want, I really appreciate to your work.double Thumbs up for your efforts, (y) (y) one thing I want to see in your blog is fashion tips which make us bold beautiful and confident.some home remedies.

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous, Nayab! Love, love, love the header! So happy you chose this one, the elegance level on it is amazing! <3

  9. Hey Hadia here. I really like the new layout of ur blog, for some reason it gives me the Harry Potter vibes. Lol. And plz do posts related to shopping bargains when it comes to clothes and accessories as well. Would appreciate that. Xx

  10. Hey Nayab, i am loving the new layout. I am Zehra and i am also a blogger(beautorgeous world) =) I am already following you everywhere. I am excited to see more of your life on here. Would love to know you more through your blog =)

  11. Hi nayab. Love what you are doing, though i have been a silent reader of the blog, but i have been following ur posts from a while now, u rightly said that the blog is maturing. I feel that too, unlike other blogs nayabloves is truely relatable. Whenever i am reading your blog posts, i feel like i am talking to a friend. It takes loads of talent to do what ypu are doing. I being a full time new mommy, this blog is my fashion, makeup journal. One more thing i would love to see is posts about OOTD, and more about skincare. The swedish skincare post was really good

  12. Salam my name is tayyaba and I m a doctor Alhamdullillah doing my housejob. I just love love love make up and a blogoholic :p ur new logo is very chic and surely depicts YOU. I would want u to review more of those products that are available in Pakistan as mostly Bloggers don't do that. Otherwise your OOTD posts are zabardast and I love the way u write. Wishing you health and luck for future :)

  13. Hey! I'm Ali a fellow makelover! I saw your Instagram giveaway which lead me here. Thanks for you cute blog! Would love to see makeup tutorials! Keep up the great work! XO

  14. Hey Nayab!! it's me Rubab here *_* iam following you facebook and instagram with same name "Rubab Zehra" i loved your posts and reviews...
    you always share something different thn other bloggers (honestly)
    this is only thing i didnt leave ur any daily sharing (posts)
    i want to see something more like "trendy" stuff, you should share some more stuff with us. it will be interesting and people would love to follow you more :)

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  16. Hey there ! Love your blog, it's really helpful as I'm a drugstore junkie so I get to know what's good what's not ^_^ and would love to see post about highlighting and contouring I'm struggling with that a little

  17. Awsom work. I love ur blog. I would like u to do makeup product reviews more often. And keep up the good work.

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  19. I am your follower since ago and i always roaming around your posts on fb and i love your insta feed and love your short short cute clips :-) and plz do continue posting your short clips :-) i love every thing about your blog all your reviews really helpful no doubt :-)
    And hoping to win :-)

  20. Aoa....m sadaf from sahiwal,n m literally fan of ur page as i love to c ur posts about multiple topics i.e cosmetix,salons,foods,clothes etc etc ,simply ur blog is awsom :-*

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  22. hi m name is rafia i really like ur mac dupes plzz do share other dupes as well

  23. hay nayab its me fayynum following u already on fb and insta m loving ur new header i would like to see some fashion blogging on ur blog as m a makeup junkiee i coudnt find less than anything in ur beauty section keep up the goodwork and keep growing i hv learned so many things from our beautiful ladies :D xoxo i aint own colourpop winning from u would be a dream come true :D thank u for hosting will be eyeing on ur posts now

  24. Hi I am Faiqah and I am a bride to be
    (Or bridezilla as they say :p) Since the preps for big day are around,I really wanted to know what colors and makeup lines are in and available in Pakistan. Trying to get to know everything before the day so I can take better care of my skin and self once I am totally on my own :) There are new things popping up every now and then like new brands and I really wanted to see the reviews so I kept checking your website for it :)

  25. Hi I am Faiqah and I am a bride to be
    (Or bridezilla as they say :p) Since the preps for big day are around,I really wanted to know what colors and makeup lines are in and available in Pakistan. Trying to get to know everything before the day so I can take better care of my skin and self once I am totally on my own :) There are new things popping up every now and then like new brands and I really wanted to see the reviews so I kept checking your website for it :)

  26. Salaam. I'm Maryam and a mother of two little kids! I am a teacher by profession but had to take a break from it as my second son is too little to go to school yet! So yeah I am a housewife nowadays. To keep myself sane I love reading your blog! Oh and I'm a lahori and I moved to Islamabad after I got married. I would love to see the video tutorials of different products by you!

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  28. Ayesha here lives in karachi and a house wife. Love the new look of the blog. Want to see more of ur video posts.
    U travel alot so love to read post abt the places u visit , espacially the beauty shopping u did there.

  29. Hi Nayab! I'm new to your blog. I recently started following you on facebook and then found you on instagram too. And I love your blogs about makeup. Since I'm a crazy makeup freak. Keep sharing your views with us! Love you. ❤

  30. Hi... Beautiful I am a big fan of your tutorial videos. Winning something from "Nayab Loves" is no less than a fairy tale for me. Whenever I do get spare time I prefer to read your blog.
    Following you on FB as Ayesha Mansha
    Twitter as @ayeshaayesha28
    Insta as @ayesha_mansha
    Youtube as Ayesha Mansha
    PinInterest as Ayesha Mansha
    Bloglovin as Ayesha Mansha
    Googleplus as AyeshaMansha
    Snapchat as Ayesha Mansha
    Google as Ayesha Ayesha.

  31. Hello Nayab.
    I am a pre-med student and started blogging almost a month ago.
    I am following you blog and fb from a month a now and I am obsessed. Whenever I need inspiration, I come up straight here. Love your style and energy you put in!
    It would mean the world to win the giveaway.
    PS: The new header is absolutely brilliant! <3

    Much love x

  32. Hi there Nayab,
    hope you are doing Fantastic as you are!
    My name is Dua, and m a pretty slow net surfer and I get my energies on interesting colorful posts/ reviews and giveaways :P
    & yea I liked your Style/Condition of participating in the giveaway, following u on Instagram now as I got ur link from here and already on Facebook, but im not on snapchat and u have One Pretty Twitter account!:) ..
    loving your blog already.. Whatever you post if perfect, that's why I started to follow you on facebook from start when I came to know about your blog/page.
    I'm just more into foundations and lipsticks and highlighters too :P so you can post more about them and giving info on them too :)
    and yea u have really Decent blog here! I mean the outlook too, it attracts lazy readers like me too, u have done ur job great :P
    keep up your great beautiful work!
    Cheers! have a beautiful day always! :)

  33. Love your page and all posts especially giveaway post

  34. hey! I'm maham, a teacher by profession and residing in rwp :D that's where my interest for your blog comes hehe. reading your reviews and then knowing where to get them from is a blessing. plus I love the launch updates you do on your social media, btw, I'm following you everywhere :D It's a pleasure reading your blog :) keep growing, best of luck xx

  35. Hi i am pharmacist by a profession, i was not a makeup person and never find time for it due to studies but now being in a professional life its necessary to know about make up. Your posts about makeup i am loving it..

  36. hey awesome new look!all the best!and u know who I am ;P

  37. HI. Love the new look. I would love to win, mostly because I don't know shit about makeup and I still use the Victoria secret cream I won from you ages ago. (don't judge me)
    Stuff I'd like to see more: before/after kind of product reviews!

  38. Hey love, all the best for the future posts,cant wait to read all those new lifestyle posts babe.I am loving your new theme. 😍

  39. Hey love, all the best for the future posts,cant wait to read all those new lifestyle posts babe.I am loving your new theme. 😍

  40. hey fatima here, i am a second year economics student but really, i am just exploring my life and unsure about everything except my love for makeup :p
    Would like to see more local makeup reviews and styling tips :)

  41. Hello, im Hira, doing bachelors in commerce and discovering the magic of Makeup still figuring out what to do with this life :v im also maturing with time trying to be less silly like early teenage years, learning do's and dont's in life trying not to care less about LAUG KYA KAHENGY :D <3 i was following you on fb and insta and your blog already and i also followed you on snapchat few moments ago, Wish you best of luck! pretty classy layout btw *-*

  42. Hey! I am a doctor and doing job in JHL. I would love to see some tips for perfect makeover in just 5 min.. I have busy routines and dont get time to do all the makeup etc but now i want to look perfect. I have recently colorpop lipstick and it is really the best lipstick i have ever used in terms of reliability. I would love to have one more in my collection. Best wishes for your blog dear.

  43. oh My God... thank you sooo muchhhh :)


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