Art Deco Single Eyeshadows!

I was pleasantly surprise when these Art Deco* single eye shadows landed on my door step a few weeks back. These Art Deco singles are pretty small, which makes them perfect to keep in a palette. Art Deco stands have some great empty magnetic eye shadow palettes, that you can customize by choosing whatever shadow you want. Price at PKR 495 each, they aren't the most affordable if you consider the cost of buying the palette separately and filling it up, but let's see if they're worth that :)

These two color and shades I wouldn't have ever chosen my self, and when I was watching them, I was very pleasantly surprised by how smooth and creamy they are whilst watching and I'm happy to report that these properties transferred onto my eye lids as well. The pigmentation was build able, but I just wasn't feeling these shades at all. The grey made me look ashy and the blue, was just not being kind to my dark under eyes. Had these been some other shades, I'm sure I would've liked these more, since they really have a beautiful texture and last for a decent amount of time. For now, these are lying in my eye shadow drawer, and I sadly don't see myself reaching for them at all :( 

Let me know if you have tried Art Deco eye shadows in the comments below. 

*PR Samples

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