Halal Makeup - Masarrat Misbah Lipsticks!

It was during an amazing makeup workshop (read here) a while back that I got to try some amazing halal lip varnishes from Masarrat Misbah. You might be living under a rock in case you haven't heard about these Halal certified, budget friendly makeup products that have taken the Pakistani beauty industry by storm when it comes to certified Halal cosmetics!

The two shades that I chose to pick up were Cafe Tient and second, Spice Saveur. While they may both look the same in the lipstick tube, they are quite different when watched (as shown above) Cafe Tient has more of a peachy outcome where as the latter is more of a brown. Both these lipsticks are ultra moisturizing, you never have to worry about faffing around with a lip balm and last for a decent amount of time. You will have to re-aply if you choose to have food in between but other than that I'm super happy with how comfortable they are to wear, how they look like the perfect nude-y lipsticks for desi skin tones and how reasonable they are! I would recommend these to any desi girl hands down, Spice Saveur is the ultimate nude lipstick for me that I can pair with darker, smokier eyes and not have to worry about my lips being too washed out! I'd say pick one if you're in the market for an everyday nude lipstick :) 

Available at all leading cosmetic stores like Scentsation, Depilex outlets and online here!

Price - PKR 750 

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