The Best Winter Fragrance

A year on from the launch of the musk-y and mysterious Red Musk scent, the Body Shop has released a Black Musk* version - a better and understated version of the Red Musk version in my opinion. If the predecessor was a bit too strong for your liking, you'll be delighter to know that this one is just perfect as an all day perfume! 

The ravishing blends of Bambinella pear and black vanilla notes are seductively sweet and sexy for autumn and winter whether you want to spritz on some before you head out to work or want to tuck it in your bag for a night out. If you're like me and are a sucker for the almost-classic Lady Million, you'd be all over this latest release from Body Shop. I've tried three of their perfumes from the 'Musk' range and have to say, this one is the best hands down. 

All in all, from the packaging to the long-lasting scent and 'sexy-ness' in this perfume make it a must buy if you're looking into getting to know more about the Body Shop perfumes. With this version, I believe they have placed themselves on par with other major perfume retailers. If there's only one perfume you will be purchasing this winter, let it be this one. It really is that good, and more. 

Price - PKR 6070 for 50ml

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