All Natural Dry Shampoo

Here's a little over view of my hair and what it makes me go through. First off, I have thin, super fragile hair (thanks genetics) that falls like there's no tomorrow. Second, I have an oily scalp and here's a simple formula- oily scalp + thin hair = greasy hair the very next day after shampooing. Now the third issue, which is a pet peeve of mine, oily hair. I CANNOT bear having oily hair so what that results in is me washing my hair every single day which leaves it dull, lifeless, limp and let's not forget my hair falls even more than Niagara Falls (Excuse the last sentence, it fails to make sense even in my head) So after some thinking I decided to get myself a dry shampoo hoping that it would suck away the second-day-hair greasiness and I won't have to shampoo my hair everyday. Let's see if my little hair dream came true. 

So the question is, does this non-traditional 'powder' dry shampoo work or is it a gimmick? It does work when it comes to volumizing and hiding away oily roots but I'm still left with a weird oily-hair feeling (in my head, because I know I haven't shapoo'ed haha). I feel like it leaves my hair very dry to the touch and leaves behind a white cast on your hair if you're not careful and over apply, which takes quite a while to get rid of haha. I've seen this work magically for my cousin, who can go 3-4 days without washing her hair, and only using this in between. Her hair is always volumized, fresh looking and generally amazing so even though this product actually does what it claims to for me, I've seen it perform much better on other people's hair and I'm seriously bummed that it won't work the same way for my poor hair :( 

So basically the delicious grape fruit smelling powder does mattify your oily hair and give a bit of volume like it claims, just be careful not to over do it. The greatest pro for this product is that if it does work for you then you seriously get your money's worth and more since I've been using this since September at least once or more a week and it looks like I have never, ever used it. It's like LUSH is magically re-filling whatever I'm using up haha. 

Availability- LUSH Stores. 
Pakistan- Online FB pages, I got mine from Dhanak. 
Price- PKR 1200 (approx) 6-7 Pounds. 

Have you tried any dry shampoos? Which ones are your favorite? Any remedies to cure an oily scalp? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc.
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