The Best One Day Makeup Workshop Ever!

One day makeup workshops are gaining a lot of popularity these days but seriously, not all are worth the time and effort. I recently had the most amazing opportunity where I got to attend a one-day makeup certification hosted by the Depilex College of Cosmetology in Lahore. Depilex has been a household name in the world of beauty and salon services in Pakistan since over 35 years, and this year they had a lot of celebrate - from the launch of Pakistan's first certified Halal makeup range by the evergreen, Masarrat Misbah to the inauguration of the Depilex College of Cosmetology which has a lot of courses to offer (more on that in my next post) 

Now being a blogger from Islamabad, I had to travel to Lahore to attend the makeup workshop where the lovely people at DCC were kind enough to re-imburse me for the tickets (great gesture!) On the day of the makeup workshop, I met up with a ton of bloggers from Lahore and Islamabad before the start of the workshop. We mingled, talked about beauty products, our blogs and I could finally put a name to all the lovely faces behind some of my favorite blogs. 

The workshop started with some introductions by Redah & Masarrat Misbah where they talked about Duplex in general, the makeup line, DCC and what their future plans are to take the beauty industry of Pakistan forward. It was amazing to see how grounded, kind and frank Masarrat Misbah was given the kind of ground breaking deeds she has done for Pakistan, the most internationally recognized and appreciated one being that she employees and trains acid-burn victims in her salon nationwide. It's inspirational to see that not only has she trained these girls who had nowhere to turn to to work at her salons, but helped and encourage them to start businesses of their own. I've never known a person so forth coming with their knowledge and so willing to share their secrets, tips and tricks for all the benefit from. 

So for the makeup workshop itself was where one of their serious makeup artists taught us how to do a natural day time glam makeup look and then convert it into a smolder-y smokey eye look perfect for nights out! 

Natural Makeup Look - HERE!
Evening Makeup Look - HERE!

After we were taught the looks, we had to go take of all the makeup we were initially wearing and using the MM makeup products, recreate wither of the looks on ourself. This was a super fun activity where we not only got to practice what we had just learned, but it was so much fun running around, grabbing products and generally talking to everyone around as they did their makeup! 

Here's a quick before and after of the makeup that I came in wearing (sorry for the half eyes closed shot haha) and after I did my makeover! 

After that we had the certificate distribution ceremony aka selfie session haha! 

I hope you enjoyed todays post, it really was a fun event to attend and write about. Up next, I'll be talking about the makeup looks taught and exactly what product to use so you can achieve them at home! 

Until next time, tc. 

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