Emoji's Are Taking Over!

What is a conversation these days without a whole lotta emojis in it?! Emojis have become such an integral part of out daily conversations and now with Pepsi, they're all set to be all over our drinks as well! How cute are these latest bottles by Pepsi?! Seriously makes me want to buy some just for the sake of cuteness! I'm loving these #sayitwithpepsi campaign and can't wait for it to launch here! 

Pepsi Emojis campaign has got the ‘millennials’ covered through everything that matters to them. From fun videos, cool merchandize, great activations to an exclusive customized keyboard (available for iOS & android). Pepsi has gone big with Emojis; and the best part - Pepsi truly made the best set of Emojis out of any brand to-date.

Following the success of Canada, brand is leading the way by expanding Emojis #SayItWithPepsi campaign in USA & Thailand. Pepsi’s ability to truly customize Emojis according to each market has added to the popularity & success of this campaign among youth.

We got a sneak-peak on Emojis from Pepsi Pakistan on #WorldEmojiDay across all social media platforms. We can’t wait for Pepsi to bring the same excitement home! 

See where the #PepsiMoji story began:  

Would you like to #SayItWithPepsi in Pakistan? Let me know.

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