A Perfect Day

The definition of what a perfect day is, varies from person to person. Perfection, when interpreted, will hold different meanings from different people. My idea of a perfect day would include lazing around, playing with some makeup, gorging on some delicious food (without putting in the effort and doing the dishes :p) and in general, just taking time out to relax and pamper myself. Scroll through the images below to see how I would spend my 'perfect day'  :) 

So I would start off my perfect day by taking my sweet time getting ready and donning on a new outfit, new clothes will make any girl happy, seriously! Give a girl some new outfits to rock and I assure you, her day is already 'perfect' haha.

Whilst getting ready, on a perfect day I would have time to do my nails and not smudge them! Now wouldn't that be perfection - perfectly painted nails that haven't smudged? :p 

A girls always gotta smell good, and with a new outfit, I'd say a new super cute 'Purr' cat shaped perfume is in order - on a perfect day, I would definitely be smelling good all day long :) 

Since I am trying to kick off my YouTube channel and do make videos everyday, on a perfect day those videos would actually come out to be perfect and not have me mess up words and loose my confidence whilst filming them! Fingers crossed to when that actually happens. 

Once we're done with the filming which can be quite frustrating and exhausting, it's time to get some food in ma' belly! Sadly by this time, not only would I be exhausted, just the thought of standing in the kitchen for such a long time and counting all the dishes I would have to wash afterwards would make me want to go hungry and not even eat! But of course, that is the part where Food Panda comes in, to the rescue woop woop! 

Just the fact that Food Panda has countless cusines for me to choose from has my mouth watering - be it Chinese I'm craving after or a bit of Mexican, theres literally something for everyone there! 

As if getting scrumptious food delivered to the comfort of your home wasn't enough, the Food Panda app which is available for iOS, Android & Windows phones, makes the entire process so much more streamlined than the traditional calling and long waiting with a normal telephone call!

Now wouldn't that be the perfectly delicious end to a perfect day? I'd say so! Let me know in the comments below what your perfect day would be like - would it contain lots of makeup and food like me? Hahah. 

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