#desicleaneating - Easiest Red Chicken Ever!

So this week for our #desicleaneating , Anam will be sharing a Red Chicken recipe that she has perfect and has served to a whole lotta people, with the very same response - AMAZING! Not only is this recipe quick to make, it's also quite healthy! Let me know if you do try this at home, would love to see your take on it! 


-1/4 boneless chicken
-Soya sauce 1tsp
-Worcestershire sauce
-1tsp Oyster sauce 1tsp
-Orange pepper 1/2
-Salt n pepper to taste
-Tomatoes 2 chopped 


Marinate the boneless chicken with the sauces and refrigerate for 30 minutes. In a non stick pan pour the chicken with the marination sauce and let it cook on low flame for 3 mins. Add peppers and chopped tomatoes and cover for 5 mins. The gravy will appear as a result of sauces and tomatoes combined. Salt n pepper to taste. Serve with boiled brown rice. Enjoy without the guilt!
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