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Perfect Rimmel Combo!

I LOVEE liquid eyeliner, there has never been a time when I've sported anything but liquid liner when it comes to my upper lashline, I love the clean flick - the neatness and my makeup routine is definitely not complete without it! The Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner is a fan favorite, and for good reason; 

-it dries to a matte black finish
-has a user friendly pen-type brush that makes application a breeze 
-super easily available locally 
-lasts ages!

A while back when I went to pick up a new bottle of the Rimmel eyeliner, I came across a box that had the eyeliner, a Scandal Eyes mascara and an eyebrow pencil priced for PKR 1500 - given that the eye liner alone is PKR 800 I went for the deal. Now I've tried the Rommel Scandal Eyes waterproof eye pencils and they truly are amazing and long lasting so I thought the mascara would be great too and I'm happy to report it is. Now if you're looking for a mascara that voluminizes and lengthens and separates your lashes like a dream, then don't go for this one since it does all that but in a very natural way. Going for a no makeup-makeup look? Then this will be your perfect companion!

Sadly, the eye brow pencil was a bit too brown for my liking but even without that, the Rimmel combo is a great deal and I've seen these everywhere, so next time you see one, I'd say go for it! 

Price for all three - PKR 1500
Availability - All makeup stores across Pakistan

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