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Haul - MAC Prabal Gurung, Tarte Holiday Collection & More!

'Tis the season to haul! With all the Sephora 20% off codes floating around and the limited edition makeup collections launched one after the other, it's no wonder I caved and brought a few bits and pieces I had been lusting over since their release announcement! Definitely no more hauling since I'm trying (key word being TRYING) to save up for a holiday next summers! Lord, let me be strong for the after Christmas sales are approaching! Haha

First up is this mini The Body Shop gift bad featuring their Coconut collection! I love me some Body Shop during the winters. As soon as my Sweet Lemon stuff finishes up, I'm busting out the Coconut stuff and pretending I'm in some exotic location somewhere in Hawaii instead of being in the middle of a cold, colllllddd winter!

I know many people are on the fence about celebrity fragrances, I personally have quite a few favorites, mostly from Britney Spears and Taylor Swift though haha. It was love at first sniff when it came to both of these scents. The Lady Gaga scent, in a very non-Gaga-ish way is pretty wearable for everyday and quite unique, thus, me getting a giiiinormous bottle of it haha! Carolina Herrera's Do You Know What Private Means id more of a night out scent, I still love it! Very unique and strong, not in an over powering - headache - inducing way though haha!

I'm still pissed at the fact that I missed last years Tarte Off The Cuff blush palette so when I heard of this one for Holiday 2014, I was going to order it as soon as sales went live, and that is exactly what I did! For $42 this is a bargain and more! 

Not a fan of red, not a fan of splurging on lipstick shades that I will never wear but something about this incredibly hyped up MAC x Prabal Gurung ... ahh just something about it made me go forward with my order. In my mind I justified the purchase with some weird theory about how every girl needs a red in her collection and I decided to go forward with the payment. I'll keep you guys updated on whether I will ever be using it haha.

What have you hauled recently? Leave me some blog links so I can feel a little better about my small yet non-budget-friendly purchases haha! 

Until next time, tc


  1. Great haul... Loved the Tarte blush palette

    1. thanks! it really is pretty, i think all the colors inside would work great for me with the exception of one that seems too light sadly

  2. Love your haul! The blush palette looks soo pretty.

  3. I just love loveeee your haul!! Will be waiting for the reviews xx

  4. uff totally drool worthy haul you got there.I would love to get my hands on the tart blush palette. ^_^ Hope you enjoy the shopping :)

  5. Whattay mouthwatering haul! I'm drooling over everything! Can't wait to see how that MAC Red looks on you, keep us posted! xx

  6. LOVE IT!


  7. awww such a pretty haul nayab love that lipstick yar :)

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