Weekend Post - Skincare & Kuch Khaas!

While I love Islamabad, it really needs to catch up when it comes to meet-ups and social events in the beauty industry. Thankfully, Well Beeing, an all natural skin care company based in Canada, decided to hold one in Islamabad to introduce their products into the local market. Here's what I wore to my meet-up which was held at Kuch Khaas, definitely wasn't going for the all-black look, but it just happened haha.

Top - Forever 21 
Jeans - Forever21 
Clutch - New Look 
Statement necklace - Topshop (maybe :s) 
Shoes - Honestly no idea! 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealor 
The Balm Nude Tude Palette 
Rimmel Exxagerate Eyeliner 
Jordana Extra Lash Mascara 
Luscious BOLD Inense Eye Pencil 
MAC Twig
MAC Peaches 
The Balm Mary Loumanizer

Now coming on to Well Beeing , they basically produce handcrafted skincare items with natural ingredients that are completely bio-degradable! Not only are they chemical and toxins free, they are quite easy on the pocket and coming in excellent packaging! Since all natural ingredients are used, they are prepared in small batches, rest assured what you get will be super fresh! The packaging is sleek, doesn't take up much space and it is a relief to see products that are so budget friendly with excellent packaging!  

Since it was a meet up, I had the chance to talk to the man behind Well Beeing in depth about his products and the entire process of what goes behind into making them! What impressed me the most was the fact that nothing that is sold is more than 2 weeks old! Imagine! From the cleansers to the exfoliators, everything is as fresh as can be, and what a treat that is for our skin which is used to products that are filled with chemicals that extend the shelf life of a products for years. In Pakistan, the natural skin care products aren't as popular yet due to very few options, I love that well-beeing has managed to nicely fill in that gap with premium quality products that are not only great for our skin, but super budget friendly too!

Well Beeing was kind enough to give me a whole lot of products to try out, which I am currently doing! I don't want to ruin the review post by talking about how the actual products are but here's a teaser for you - I am so impressed with them that I recommended them to my best friend who is getting married and wants to stay far, far away from chemicals before her big day! They're THAT good! 

After the chit-chat, I grabbed a good old Red Velvet cupcake, some snacks and was on my way! What a lovely day, courtesy of Well Beeing! 

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Until next time, tc.

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