Bath & Body Works Candles Haul!

I'm not too sure about the weather where you guys live, but in Islamabad, the cold has definitely snuck up on us! I clearly remember being too hot in the day time, and BAM! come evening it was freeezing! Literally to the point where I had to take out my thick scarf and wear that to university for my evening classes (obviously people decided to laugh at me, not for long though, when the wind picked up they were definitely shivering in their t-shirts! Ahh sweet karma! Lol. Anyways, since summers here are brutal, I can't even look towards my candles that just lie in storage, un-burned (is that even a word? haha) but worry not dear candles, after a scorching summer, your time to shine has come!

I do LOVE me some Bath & Body Works candles, they are a bargain for the scent quality and power that you get, plus they have impressive sales every month, so what better time to stock them up. I decided to try new scents this time around, from different collection, and I'm soo glad I did! Loving each and every one!

The scents I picked up were - 

1. Limoncello - A lovely scent that reminds me of lemon cakes, which I have a habbit of gobbling up frequently haha!
2. Sicilian Orange - If you guys have tried the Satsma range from The Body Shop, this is basically that scent in a candles! Soo refreshing! 
3. French Lavender - I adore purple, all shades of purple so this lilac-y mason jar was definetly going into my shopping cart, unfortunately, I'm not really feeling the strong lavender in this, I was hoping the vanilla notes would tone down the lavender, but let's see, maybe when I light it up, it won't be soo strong. 
4. Lemon Mint Leaf - Now this one, as strange as it sounds, remind me of Strepsils or Vicks and how they smell haha! Definitely weird in the jar, but when you light it up, it kicks of a much subtle-r scent than you would expect which I really enjoy!
5. Red Velvet Cupcake - OMG! This is basically red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting stuffed into a candle jar. Seriously! When ever I'm having a craving some baked delights, I get a whiff of this, and it is almost strong enough to make me not want to have a cupcake, almost, but not quite haha! Like the other ones, the scent in the jar is incredibly over helming-ly sweet, but burn it and it's much more refined. Make the house smell like there's always baking going around, which I quite like! 

I've been playing around with my new camera, and went a little too image happy in this post, but I really liked looking at the 'smooth-ness' of these candles before they were burned haha. Is that weird? Do you guys get sad before lighting a candle thinking about how they will never be smooth again? 

Let me know in the comments below!

Prices - Small Candles - $10 each
Mason Jar Candles - $12.50 each

Availability - 
For US Residents - Bath & Body Works stores and online here!
For Pakistani residents - Online FB makeup shops. I trust and always do my shopping via Makeup & Accesories!

Until next time, tc.

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