Morning Routine!

Well hello there guys! I was just sitting and brain storming about potential blog ideas, and for some reason since I wasn't in the mood to do beauty posts, I decided I would work on a daily routine kind of post where I show you what I get up to on a daily basis.

So starting off,I'm not gonna lie and say I make the effort to have a nice breakfast everyday. It honestly depends on the amount of sleep I've gotten the night before haha, so since I was well rested, I decided to go all out and make some super delicious but unhealthy fluffy pancakes! I consumed them within minutes of topping it of with layers of maple syrup! Yum (comment below if you would like the recipes)

Now I'm as forgetful as anything! If I don't write every single thing down, chances are I won't remember what I have to do through out the day. That is why I have a different planner for various areas of my life. One for university, one for work, one for my blog.. You get the idea. Now most of you must be thinking what a hassle it is to write everything down physically instead of typing it on my phone, but honestly there's just something about writing stuff down that helps you keep it in your mind. I even read studies that back my theory up, so I'm definitely on to something haha

Next is the dreadful task of going through my emails!I dread this part since my inbox is always loaded with a ton that I have to reply to. Now I won't lie and say I'm the most productive person who stays focused on the task at hand haha, I always end of scrolling through blogs and instagram and facebook and the bazillion other social media websites! Too many things to check, really less time haha. A cup of tea is mandatory here!

 Since for a change, it was a nice day outside, I decided to stop being so gadget-centered and enjoy the weather! Sadly it turned ridiculously humid as soon as I got settled in so I stopped procrastinating and decided to get on with work!

I'll be honest here, I usually don't work with a smile on my face haha, but since I was pose-working here, you'll have to excuse that. I work as freelance writer among other things at the moment and I love it! Working in a field that is my hobby, it doesn't get better than that seriously! Even when I get tired, it's always the happy-kinda-tired. 

Time to get some food in my tummy! I wish I could've shown you a really Instagram worthy shot of what I cooked, but I decided to be all Master-Chef-y and ended up with something that was barely edible, and a mountain of dishes to do! Oh well.. there's always next time haha.

What I did manage to get right were these delicious zesty lemon-y cupcakes for my cousins birthday! I honestly don't know why I never tried these before; the addition of the fresh lemon zest makes a world of a difference! (comment below if you would like recipes)

Once I'm done with all that, I usually dress up and head off to university. I take evening classes so I leave around 5 in the evening and come back around 10. By that time in knackered and half-dead so I head to bed, more often than not skipping dinner. 

Hope you liked this post, I had so much fun making it :) Would you like more lifestyle-y posts like these? Let me know. 

Until next time, tc

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