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22nd Birthday Goodies!

This post is going up super late, my actual birthday was on the 6th of July but since I was waiting for some of the presents to actually reach me, this post didn't go up on time. Now that everything is here, I'm super excited to share with all of you some of my favorite presents that I got for my 22nd birthday, feeling very spoiled haha.

Just a heads up, I got alot of fragrances for some reason. Is it because perfumes are one of the easiest presents to choose? Whenever I have to get a present for someone, I always opt for a perfume haha! I mean who wouldn't want to smell nice? 

So what I was gifted was Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture, Burberry Sport by Burberry and Victoria by Victoria's Secret. How incredibly pretty is Victorias bottle?! I LOVE the detailing of that over sized bow and the pale pink fragrance. Good work on the aesthetics, Victoria's Secret haha. 

I love collecting Victoria's Secret body mists, so these two additions were more than welcome in my collection. The first is Noir Tease (my ALL time favorite) and the second one is, once again, Victoria. These body spray versions of VS perfumes are ideal for on the go, to chuck into your bag without having to worry about them breaking or leaking. 

As a present to myself, I decided to opt for a new camera. While the Kodak one that I was previously using did serve me well, it kinda was on its last legs and I just wanted better results (without having to put in a ton of effort, #lazygirlissues ) Upon using it for a couple of days, I would call this as a hybrid between a digital camera and a proper DSLR, making it ideal for auto-mode users like me haha.

Now onto one of the most exciting presents that I got, MAC lipsticks! I got Twig, Lady Danger and Mocha ( from my best-est friend! Thank you Tehni! ). While I love all three, Mocha has to be my favorite, it is the perfect everyday nude, and given how I've been using this everyday since I got it, this will definitely be a future re-purchase. 

Since I'm all about accessorizing these days, one of my other best friends gave me this Marc Jacobs inspired necklace that I can't wait to wear with plain tops to add a bit of pazzaz! Love the variations of blue on it :) 

Now after perfumes, I got a whole load of clothes so instead of putting up images here and making this post into a huge mammoth one, I'll be doing outfits of the day instead so you guys can actually see how the clothes look once worn :) expect alot of Khaadi, Origins & Beech Tree posts soon.

All in all, I feel very thankful for everything I got, and can't wait to see all that this 22nd year of my life has in store for me :) Thank you to all those who wished me, made my day, truly! 

What was your favourite present from the bunch that I got? Is there something you have had your eye on? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.


  1. Oooh lucky you! Those MAC lipsticks look so wonderful. I am glad you were spoiled :)

  2. Oh my gosh. Those are some exciting gifts! Lucky girl :p
    Enjoy them :*

  3. Happy belated birthday and I really loved this post because of perfumes. I love perfumes....:)


  4. hey nayab happy belated birthday dear...oh and im also a july-girl (19th july :P ) so happy for all the beautiful presents you got! now looking forward to your views about the Canon camera ;)

  5. Everything looks good. Waiting for those outfit of the day posts.
    Oh and belated Happy Birthday :)

  6. Oh wow! Somebody had a smashing bday! Your camera took me by surprise, looks like a pretty good one! Ohh the lippies are soo pretty! Looking forward to you OOTD posts!!!

  7. Happy belated birthday! N ur presents are awesome ones :)

  8. Those victoria secret scents are love!

  9. Woooo birth month twinsie! Those are some sexy gifts, you lucky thing!

  10. love everything you got for your bday :)

  11. You got lovely presents! What a gorgeous necklace. And ooh I would be super interested in hearing about that camera, I'm thinking of a new one.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  12. Lovly present u gt dear!Happy belated birthday :)

  13. Belated Happy bday and woah! those are loads of presents. Loved everything you got. Nothing beats the feelinfg of receiving gifts. Enjoy them ;)

  14. Happy belated birthday ! Lucky you, you get such ah-mazing stuff as your birthday presents. I envy you :P

  15. hey nayab love your blog,you cant even imagine how much you have inspired me,i even created a blog :) i have just started,it will mean alot if you could follow me or check out my blog :) xo xo its my blog address http://enayaayaan.over-blog.com/

  16. I envy you right now :D hehe
    Happy belated birthday :)

  17. Lucky girl! I am hoping I can treat myself with a camera one day.. (HUGE PHOTOGRAPHY GEEK HERE)

  18. I have some Victorias produscts :) I like them :)


  19. happy birthday :) plz follow :) love your blod

  20. Wao so lucky you got such perfumes. I am tempted.
    sahar blogs

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  22. mashallah, very nice gifts.you are one lucky girl!!!

  23. Wow you had got some very cool stuff!! Lovely gifts.May you get many many more:)


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