Review - Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic is a term that when used in reference to farming means crops/fruits etc that are grown without the use use of synthetic harmful pesticides etc. Apply the same theory here, and you have Love Organic Pakistan's 'Organic Rosehip Facial Oil' that is all natural, meaning you are not indirectly ingesting chemicals via the use of skin care products. Now who wouldn't want that? 

Starting off with the packaging, the Rosehip oil comes in a typical medicinal bottle with a sturdy and lock effective dropper that ensure that you don't end up spilling oil everywhere. The bottle is roughly about the size of my palm, but fits a complete ounce of the product in it,so I have no complaints with the amount, or the compact glass packaging. Application is easy as well, since I have ideal control over the 'dropper' and no extra oil spills, limiting wastage to a great degree.

Coming on to the oil itself, this was sent to me a long time ago, almost 2-3 months and I' more than halfway through with it, so I've had ample time to use it and see the long term results of this oil. Let's start with the results that I felt in about a weeks time. The most obvious result was the fact that my skin felt softer, and just more 'moisturized'. Now when I use the term moisturized, what I mean is that I didn't wake up with my skin looking like at least a huge tub of the most hydrating  face cream needed to be smothered all over it for it to look remotely healthy, if you know what I mean.

The results after 'every-other-night' usage (give or take a few lazy days in between) are almost the same, except they're longer lasting. Even if I do skip using this oil on certain nights, the effects are still there. My skin still feels clearer, softer and hydrated from within. That is perhaps the best thing about using this oil, that for me, the results aren't dependent on continuous usage.

Coming on to how I use this fast absorbing oil, I pour about 3-4 drops in the palm of my hand and instead of putting it on like a regular lotion I use my palm to push it into my face. This is a random Japanese trick that I learned off YouTube for maximum absorption. By 'pushing' what I mean is that lay your palm which has the rose hip oil against, lets say, your cheek and instead of rubbing the oil just use a bit of force from your palm and push it in. Repeat this for all areas the face and you're done. Give the oil a minute or two to settle in and it will be barely noticeable after that, so no need to fear an oil slick on your face before going to bed! Haha.

This oil has been a life saved for me in the harsh Islamabad winters, and now even though it's hot and humid, I have had no issues with breakouts or anything. The key is to find a routine and for me, using this every other night works best. Since I'm trying out ways to switch to an all natural skin care routine, this has been amazing! I would urge everyone to give it a try, since with a super reasonable price tag, there is not a reason you should not.

Price - PKR 900 

Have you tried any facial oils that have worked amazingly for you? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.

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