Review & OOTD- MUA Matte Lipsticks

I'm a matte lover, I think everyone knows that by now, especially when it comes to lip products. That is what tempted me to order these lipsticks in the first place and given they're only PKR 200 each, it wasn't really hurting my pocket either haha.

That berry shade looks scary doesn't it? When I ordered these two shades, what I had in mind was a deep dark purple-y (Wild Berry) color and a bright red (Scarlet Siren). While the red is exactly what I thought it would be, the berry shade quite isn't, now anyone would be dissapointed with not getting what they expected from a product, but boy am I glad that this shade isn't what I expected since it is an absolute gem! 

Starting with the packaging, instead of the typical black tubes, MUA's Matte lipsticks come in white packaging which I like soo much better. It's basic plastic but alot more sturdier than I thought it would be, and the little area under the tube where you can see the color? Well, that's extra lipstick for you guys! Just twist and open it, and there's more lipstick hidden there to be used! I was really excited by the extra lipstick for some reason haha.

Can you guys believe THIS is the same super dark purple shade pictured above? I was pretty shocked at first too but I am loving it now. I literally wear this shade EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's a stunning berry shade but it's not too over the top for daily wear. I never thought I would come across a 'vampy' shade that I would actually be able to wear to university. Girls, if there is one shade you need to try from this collection, it is this one, hands down! My favorite lipstick since I discovered the Wet n Wild ones.This is the maximum intensity of Wild Berry, and even though its not the shade I expected, I love it since I can easily put some on in a hurry and be on the go!

While Wild Berry wasn't what I expected, Scarlet Siren is! It is exactly what it looks like in the tube. A super bright in your face cherry/tomatoe  red that makes your teeth look pearly white haha.While I love the shade, it's not something I wear on a day to day basis. 

Now being matte lipsticks, these are not drying at all, given you apply lip balm underneath! That is very important to ensure that these glide on smoothly. The first thing you will notice about these lipsticks upon application is that the texture is very waxy, it's not your typical matte lipstick texture, but I love it since the waxy-ness ensure that these stay put on my for a longer time. I'd say these easily last 4 hours without eating and drinking, and leave behind a subtle tint as well. All in all, these lipsticks are a winner and I will be repurchasing a tube (or five) of Wild Berry! There are other shades in the range, but I think these two are the best ones thy have to offer. Well done MUA, a big thumbs up for producing matte lipsticks much better than other ones on the market for less than half the price! 

Price - PKR 200
Availability -

Here's a mini OOTD for you guys, just thought I would put a picture of what I was wearing while I was taking the pictures for the post :)

Excuse my grubby shoes, there's mud all over them! Thanks to these rains that I really dislike haha. 
Have you tried these MUA Matte lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below :) Until next time, tc. 

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