OOTD-Black and White Lace Outfit!

Well hello there! Welcome to the first outfit post of 2014, where I'll be talking less about my outfit and more about how these are the last pictures I have with my precious long hair. It was after these pictures were taken that I went to the hair dressers for a little trim to get rid of those pesky split ends that were bothering me since ages but instead got a full on hair cut! I seriously fail to understand why hair dressers don't actually listen to what their customer wants! Girls, just look at the length of my hair in these pictures, I'm left with hair that barely touches my shoulder now ugh! And the most annoying part was that she asked me AFTER chopping my hair from one side whether the length was okay?! Erm, hello?! Of course the length wasn't okay but what could I do, can't really roam around with half of my hair barely touching my shoulders and the others half mid-back. I've decided to chop off my own split ends at home, goodbye hair dressers, you will not be seeing me again, ever! *snaps fingers Tyra Banks style*

I guess I should talk a little about my outfit even though I can write at least a short horror story about how all hair dressers are the same when it comes to going out of their way to not listen to their clients haha. So basically what I asked the tailor to do when I gave this outfit for stitching was make it loose and flowy, so that the black lace cloth and the white embroidered cloth could look more put together when stitched on top of each other. The sleeves are a plain black embossed material and I paired this frock/kurta with my well used black jeans and plain black flats. Since it is absolutelyyy freezing in Islamabad these days, I had to wear a huge bear sized jacket on top to keep myself from turning into ice, which kinda killed the look of the outfit but I always choose comfort over fashion haha. 

Regular readers will notice the change in background which is because I've moved houses and this one doesn't have the stunning drive away that the previous house where I lived had, hopefully this isn't too shabby. Please do let me know in the comments below if this background isn't very appealing and I should look for a newer one haha. 

Until next time, tc :) 

P.S - Please don't take my hair rant as being thankless for what hair I do have. I realize that there are people in the world who are unwell/sick, have lost all of their hair and would love to have what hair I have now. It is a very humbling thought. My hair rant is written in jest, so I hope people will take it that way :)
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