Review-MUA Water Proof Liquid Eye Liners

I'm the kind of girl who will ALWAYS line my upper lash line with a liquid eye liner. I wish I could be one of those girls who just pop on some on some black pencil liner on their upper eye lash, smudge it and be done but I just can't. Having the slick of liquid liner is what completes my makeup routine, I can go without eye liner on the bottom lash line, but it has to be there on the top haha. Strangely, I always wear pencil liner on the bottom lash line haha, seems complicated when I explain it like this, but in my daily routine it take no more than a minute or two. Let's take a look at these super cheap liquid liners, are they worth buying?

I'd say they definitely are. Even though this was the first time I was using a liquid liner that did not have a pen-style tip. I used to believe my hand would get really shaky, and I wouldn't be able to get that super sleek flick, but boy was I wrong. This kinda tip has helped me achieve the almost-perfect cat eye, so if any of you girls are struggling with your cat eye flicks, then give this or any other eye liner with such a fine tip a try. 

Now on to the MUA eyeliners, the black is water proof not the gold one but honestly, I think they stay put really well, irregardless of whether they are waterproof or not. I usually put the black on in the morning before university and it's still there by evening, when I come back, so thumbs up for that too! The only complain I have it that the gold-bronze shade doesn't show up on my skin tone as brightly as I would have liked but that's just because of my skin tone, it would work well with others. As for the pigmentation, I wouldn't say it's jet black in one swipe, but add another swipe and you'll be good to go.

Over all, these cheap eye liners are definitely worth checking out if you haven't found your Holy Grail liner and are open to options. I love that they come in different colors like gold and blue etc, and given the price tag, they're quite easy to collect haha. I would certainly be trying out a different eye liner when I'm done with this but you'll definitely find one of these lingering around somewhere in my makeup collection anyways because they're too good of a bargain to pass up!

Price-PKR 200/1 Pound
Availability- Pakistan- / UK- MUA counters (at Superdrug) and online.

What are your thoughts on MUA makeup? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.
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