Review- Fashionista Blushers

So LONG, long time back (somewhere in the summers) I stumbled across this page, Makeup & Accessories on Facebook, where they were taking orders for UK brands and since I had wanted to get my hand on some the Fashionista blushes that were all the rage on the blogosphere at that time, I ordered myself a few. Fast forward a bit, I got them, used them, LOVE them!

The blushes can be accumulated as it is or they can be bought with a palette where they can be easily depotted and stuck so it's quite nifty for on the go. Since these blushes were meant to be put in palettes, the packaging is fairly simple- plain, black plastic that is clicks when shut which is always a satisfying sound haha. They're a bit smaller than what I had in mind, but now that I come to think of it, they're the perfect size for on-the-go! 

First up is Rose Glow, the brightest out of the three that I got. It's a matte pale pink, incredibly pigmented, make sure to tap off the excess because, trust me girls, I looked like the worst of clowns haha.It lasted me a good 7-8 hours which I think was excellent!

Up next is Flush, my favorite of the bunch. It's the perfectttt shade for winters, a  matte mauve-y shade that gives you the perfect flush. Once again, the amazing pigmentation and lasting power. 

Since the other two shades were matte, I decided to go for a shimmery one, even though I'm a BIG, BIG fan of everything matte. From foundations, to lipsticks to everything but I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. The swatch looks super shimmery, but it doesn't translate quite like that on to my cheeks (thank God for that haha). Like the other two, lasts for ages, blends easily but is a bit less pigmented than the other two. Still quite the bargain.

Here are swatches of all the three shades together so you could see how different they are from each other. If not all three, I'd say, go for at least one, these are BARGAIN blushes with amazing pigmentation and great lasting power. If you're on the look out for an excellent quality blush, I'd say give these a go because they won't disappoint. 


You can get them from the official MUA website if in the UK, or from Makeup and Accessories if you're in Pakistan. Click here to be directed to the page :) 

MINI SHOP REVIEW- I loved ordering from M&A, the ordering process was super simple and the owner was kind enough to send me the blushes even though she had not yet received the payment that I had sent her. How kind is that? Plus, there are some awesome Black Friday deals that she posted, head on over to avail those :) 

Until next time, tc.

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