Review-NYX Powder Blushes

NYX is slowly becoming one of my favorite drugstore brands, after Rimmel, there's no one who does drug store makeup better than Rimmel in my opinion, but sneaky NYX is climbing high on the list too. My latest additions are these beautiful NYX powder blushes. Let's see how they fared, shall we?

First things first, NYX has a HUGE color selection when it comes to their blushes, it is actually over whelming to see swatches online and then try and find that particular shade from the website. I got really frustrated going back and forth between the gajillion swatches and blushes so in the end, I just threw my hands up in the air and chose two shades randomly. How very daring of me, haha. Luckily I selected really nice shades, out of which one (Rose Garden) is super appropriate for spring and summer as a nice flush of color on the cheeks whilst the other (Desert Rose), is perfect for the upcoming fall weather.

I really like the packaging, it doesn't feel cheap, the plastic covers closes with a satisfying click and even though it has been dropped quite a few times, it didn't break! Thumbs up for that, but the writing does start to fade away which is a bit annoying for me since I like my makeup to look and new and clean haha.

Rose Garden- This for some reason reminds me of the NARS classic, Orgasm, but since I don't have that I cant say for sure. Any of you guys own Orgasm? Do you think there's a resemblance? Now on to the blusher, it is super finely milled making it a dream to apply and blend. There is a lot of glitter in the pan but surprisingly there is barely any when you apply it to your face. This shade is perfect for those on-the-go days where you don't have time to faff around with alot of blending etc since this is such a subtle shade, there is no way you can go over board. If I were to apply this in the dark, I'm pretty confident I can come out NOT looking like a clown. Lasting time is a good 5-6 hours, even in the heat. 

Desert Rose- Guys, how pretty is this shade?! Isn't it perfect for autumn. This is unlike anything I own in my blush collection and I can't wait to start wearing it on an everyday basis in the winters so it gives that rosy flushes cheeks look. Even though, this is as finely milled as the other one, it takes a bit longer to blend so I wouldn't recommend applying this in a hurry. Other than that, I have no complaints at all since the staying power is even better than Rose Garden! This lasts you literally throughout the day, from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening, honestly. (I'm at university from 9 am to 7 30 pm, and applied this to test out the lasting power, happy to report, it blew me away!) 

I tried my best to capture the real color of these blushes with my camera, but I couldn't, so apologies for that. I had to apply both colors with a really heavy hand so they would show up on my not-so-fancy camera haha. These look wonderful in real life, you'll just have to trust me on that.

To summarize this review, I'd say there's no reason why anyone should not try these blushes because other than the fact that the writing rubs off,there is no fault in these drugstore gems. From the color range and pigmentation to the lasting and blending powers, these blushes really do have it all! For anyone who wants to try out the brand NYX, I'd say start from these blushes since they really show case what NYX as a brand has to offer; amazing quality makeup at pocket friendly prices. 

Price- $4.99

Have you tried anything from NYX? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.
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