OOTD- Islamabad, the Beautiful

Well helllo there guys! Super long time, no see :( I'm back to posting regularly now! Thank you to all the people who missed my, inquired about my absence and chatted with me through my 'break' of sorts haha. The most obvious change should be my brand new blog design! How pretty and pastely and pink is it? You like? Anyways, on to the actual blog post haha.

I love where I live, Islamabad, which is the capital of Pakistan. It is such a majestic city with the Margalla Hills providing the most exquisite view no matter where you are in within the city. A view of the greenest mountains every single day? Yes, please. Quite a while back, when the monsoon has settled down, there was an exceptionally beautiful day where everywhere you looked, it seemed like it has been Instagram filter'd. You know how we put on filters on Instagram to make everything loom prettier, well nature had its own filters out in full force that day.

What I wore was this predominantly white and green lawn print from Bareeze paired with my ever trusty black tights, I'm sure you guys are sick of looking at them haha. That's it for the outfit, behold now the pictures of some of the places I drove by that day. Prepare to be awed. 

Given that these pictures were taken with an iPhone, can you imagine just how stunning they would be if I would've taken them with a proper camera?! Obviously, no day would be complete without a little something to eat ;) A warm gooey brownie topped with chocolate sauce along side a Vanilla Crunch scoop of handmade ice cream and Vanilla & Whipped cream sundae is what went in me and my besties tummy that day.

Hope you like this lifestyle-y post :) Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, tc.
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