OOTD-Animal Instincts

Another day, another outfit post. These really are my favorite posts and they seem to be what you guys like as well. Animal prints are something I feel like not everyone can carry, it is soo easy to go over board with them and that is particularly why I always stayed far away from them until I saw this one! I love that the print is really small and the cloth is very flowy and light. I had to fight my mom since she wanted to get a hold of this as well, but as you can see, I won haha.

Excuse my super well worn shoes, I have not been seen without these the entire summer since they are super comfortable and airy, so my feet don't get stuffy in the summers (EWW Nayab, too much information haha). I'm not the biggest fan of the high-low style with chowks (side-slits) but if it's done like this shirt, I really like it that way. Since I was being all fierce with my cheetah print, I decide to don on this deep red matte lipstick, which is Color Studios newest release along with Guerains Insolence perfume which is much heavier and muskier than what I would normally go for. How pretty is the bottle? You know me, I'm quite the sucker for anything purple.

What are your thoughts on animal print clothing? :) 

Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, tc.
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