Summer Shower Favourites!

For people not living in Pakistan, summer is the season for fun, days at the beach and long walks in the parks. Not here in Pakistan. In Pakistan, it's all about humidity, heat and mosquitoes and taking showers at least 3 or more times a day. So when you're spending that much time in the shower, might as well make it a pleasant experience.

Here are all my favorite shower products for the summers since they smell just soo good and remind me that somewhere summers are all about lying in the grass with the sun out and reading a book while sipping on lemonade, without the fear of getting dehydrated and suffering from a heat stroke :)

For my shampoo I use Schwarzkopf's Repair and Care Coconut shampoo and it obviously smells like fresh coconuts. Reminds me of Pina Coladas and paired with Tresemme's 24 Volume Conditioner that has a faint refreshing smell, it is just the fruity kick that I need to reinvigorate myself in the shower.

After we're done with the hair, we move on the the body and I like to wash myself with The Body Shops Fuzzy Peach Bath and Shower Gel that smells like a fizzy drink that I just can't put my finger one. As expected, the scent and the color both set you in a happy mood. On days that I feel that my skin needs a little something extra, once again The Body Shop comes to save the day with its Lemon Body Scrub which doesn't exactly smell of lemons but it is a great exfoliating scrub that gets the job done.

Now that we're almost  out of the shower, lets talk about my current favorite light weight, easily absorbing moisturizers. The first one is by Victorias Secret in their infamous Love Spell scent that is a classic for very good reasons with it's notes of amber and Japanese Cherry Blossom, ahhh! If you're a fan of sweet scents then this ones for you but in case you want something more fruity then O M G, Body Shop's Sastuma Body Butter is everything! It is the most refreshing scent that I have ever come across, seriously you must go and sniff it once, it is by far my favorite Body Shop scent and trust me I love their Strawberry one, but this is just on a whole new level. Amaazzzing!

So there are all the products that help me forget about the heat and make me smell like a fruit salad, in a good way haha! What are your favorite summer scents? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.
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