Store Review- is a huge website that literally has everything and anything. You will be browsing stuff for hours over there, from clothes to shoes to designer items to beauty products, everything you want is there. 

I decided to opt for some really pretty Nadiya Kasaam sandals which had spikes on them! Not really my everyday cup of tea, but they looked really fun to wear so I ordered them. The checkout process was super simple and user friendly and I had no issues there. Now what I did there out of my sheer carelessness was, type my address wrong! I mean, who does that? Haha, but there was no need to panick since a very well-spoken Daraz representative called me to confirm my details and purchases and was kind enough to resolve my address issue aswell.

 By the representative, I was told that it would be taking 3-5 working days for my order to arrive, and guess what it did? The day after! I mean all the way from Karachi to Islamabad! That was definitely impressive since I hate waiting for tiny little parcels that take ages to come and here this huge shoes delivery took only a day. Thumbs up for that! 

Since have their own courier services, they are much more reliable and you have a 7-day-return policy as well! So if something isn't your size or not what you ordered, you can always return it. Personally I didn't have to since I loved the shoes and although it was hard to tell what my size would be online, there was a really helpful chart in the shoe section of that aided me in my quest to find my perfect shoe size online haha!. 

Over all, I've definitely had a lovely experience with the website, and some of the people who have been in contact since they're always willing to help and their super fast shipping is a bonus too. Be it jewellery, or sports gear or designer stuff you're looking for, I'd say give a chance, you won't regret it :)

Have you shopped from Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.

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