Review-Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop

Now I know there is an abundance of reviews where the Revlon Lip Butters are concerned, but I thought I'd add in my two cents to the mix and let you know how I get along with them! 

Looks super bright and bold in the tube doesn't it? I was a bit apprehensive when applying this for the first time but as soon as I swiped this buttery smooth, pigmented to the brim product to my lips, I was in awe. Let's break it up for you guys :) 

1. Pigmentation- Amazing pigmentation! You literally almost need one swipe and the swatch above is proof of how opaque this is in one swipe. I have darkly pigmented lips so to see a product cover that up within a swipe definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

2. Color- Now, if you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I stick to lighter shades so this was at first definitely out of my comfort zone. Its a blue-toned bright pink that makes you teeth look whiter (yes, it does!) and little specks of micro glitter in it which aren't obvious until the product is wiped off from your lips. Many people have compared this to be like MAC's Snow Orchid & Girl About Town, and it does look like that from the online swatches, but since I have none I can't vouch for that with guarantee. 

3. Lasting Power- The lasting power of this pleasantly surprised me and it lasted 3-4 hours on me after which it did leave a nice faint tint, which I really like since I don't like my lips to be completely devoid of any color. Eating and drinking in between will definitely cancel out the longevity of the product but that is the case with any product so I won't hold it against this one!

4. Formula- Given the name is lip 'butter' I expected this product to be quite moisturizing, and I'm pleased to report that it is! I always, ALWAYS wear lip balm underneath all my lip products and there was no need underneath this, which was a first. It doesn't amplify any cuts on your lips, and the above swatch is, once again, a proof of that since I had bitten my lips to death before swatching this little beauty on them and I failed to see any of the imperfections being highlighted. Honestly, if you ask me where I had bit my lip, even I wouldn't be able to you. 

5. Packaging- Some reviews have stated that the packaging is cheap looking, but I disagree completely, I love how all the tubes are show case the shade inside and Revlon products packaging, especially their lip ones, has altell ways reminded me of Chanel ones haha.

So if you can't tell already, I am more than a little infatuated with this wonderful product and can't wait to try out more!

Price- $7-8, PKR 1,120. 

To purchase online, for Pakistani readers, click here.

Until next time, tc.
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