Glam Up With The Body Shop Competetion

Well hello there girls :) A while back quite a few bloggers from Pakistan got emails from The Body Shop as an invitation for their 'Glam Up' competition where the newly launched Leona Lewis products had to be used to re create their campaign look which features heavy eye-liner, shades of pinks and oranges. Not being the best with eye shadows and blending and all that jazz I decided to give it a go, and here's what I came up with. This isn't an exact recreation of the look but more of my interpretation using the same products.

Here are some of the makeup bits from the collection, excuse the lighting in these photos, it's a bit dodgy haha. 

Now on to the key products that were used- 

Products used for the eyes-
Berry Cheeky eyeshadow
Pink Crush eyeshadow
Be my Clementine eyeshadow
Liquid Liner in Black
Super Volume Mascara in Black

Products used for the face-
Pressed Face Powder
Oh Deer Blush and Shimmer Palette

Products used for the lips-
Shade 55

The eyeliner I'm wearing in this look is wayyy more than I usually do haha, still seems demure compared to how Leona's is done but my mom still went into a shock after I came out of the shop. The eye look features pinks and oranges like it was in Leona's campaign shots. Personally I LOVE the combination of pink and orange, it gives off such a fun vibrant vibe haha, so I decided to use that combination and do a nail design as well that would go well with this campaign :)

So there you have it, hope you guys liked this look. It's very different from what I would normally do but I guess that's what the fun part is. To check out the Body Shop's Facebook page, click here where you can view all the other entries as well :) 

Let's all celebrate cruelty-free beauty, until next time, tc.
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