Recent Skin Care Bargains!

Well hello there everybody! Once again, I've failed to be consistent with my blogging and there has been a huge gap in between posts, I'd just blame my sucky time management for it. Recently I ran out of my trusty St Ives Green Tea Scrub and couldn't find it anywhere so on a whim decided to give these two products a go from Himalaya Herbals.

Himalaya Herbal Fairness Face Wash Scrub-Now on the standard tube style packaging the products claims to brighten and reveal glowing skin and is laden with 100% pure herbal actives. Well, the question is, does it? I'd say it does. It is most probably the Saffron in it that really does give you an instant glow. Once you apply the face wash to your skin it does give you that typical soapy feeling but on the packing it claims to be soap-free so thats another added bonus. Scent wise, it has a mild scent, I would say the scent is like that of Fair and Lovely. Totally out of the blue comparison, but it is what it is haha.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub- Now this tube has the same claims of brightening and revealing glowing skin and once again, it does live up to its claim. Would it lighten your skin tone? No, it will only brighten it, I feel like many people get confused between the two terms. Come to its scrubi-ness it is a mild scrub, something that I use everyday without the fear that it will over exfoliate and dry my skin out. Scent wise, its the same as the facial wash. The only complain I have perhaps, is that I would've liked the scrub to have more of the apricot granules.

All in all, here's a basic summary of the two products combined- 

1. You have to use them together for visible results of a brighter complexion. 
2. The results aren't permanent, meaning that when you stop using the products the 'brightness' will go away too. 
3. Priced at PKR 230 each, the facial wash is 100ml whereas the scrub is 75ml. 
4. Doesn't leave my combination skin feeling 'tight' and dry after being used. 
5. I'd recommend this to all skin types since it's soap free, so it should work for dry skins as well. 

Price-PKR 230 each
 Availability-All departmental stores. 
A big thumbs up from my side for these two products, I will definitely be trying out some more!
Have you tried something recently that was an absolute bargain? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

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