Haul-Extreme Nail Polish Haulage!

As a blogger one of the traits I've developed in this insane urge to have collections of everything. If there is a new lipstick being launched, I don't want just one to try oh no, I want them all! It's a trait that my mother frowns upon whereas me, I'm still undecided whether its something positive or not haha!

On a recent sale at Beauty Arena, I decided to go absolutely bonkers and order all the nail polishes they had from the brand Profusion, since they were on clearance for dirt cheap and there are something that I just cannot resist. Nail polish on super clearance sales are one of them.

But before we dive into that extreme display of lack of control, here are a few polishes that I had picked up. 

1. Luscious Fashion Polish by Nickie Nina
2.Rimmel 60 Second Polish in 400 Starlet
3. NX nail polish in London Baby

So here is where the proper haul starts, I decided to divide the nail polish into  categories. Here were have the 'Reds'. 

1. Red Siren 
2. Dream 
3. Chic
4. Goldiva

This is what I'll call the 'pinks and coral' group. While all the polishes are shades of pink, they do have hints of coral in them, some more obvious than that others. 

1. Orange Delight
2. French Pink
3. Pearl Pink
4. Lilac Dust

Here my favorite group out of the bunch which consist of two natural shades and two almost orange-ish shades. 

1. Mocha
2. Honey
3. Gold
4. Ocre

Now last but not the least, these two blues are my favorite buys! They're potentially the prettiest colors I own, no joke!

1. Alt Bursting Lilac
2. Midnight
3. Sand Pearl
4. Peach Pink

So there we have it. I'm sure I won't be buying any nail varnish for quite some time since I have quite a variety of shades. Now let's come to the price. Would anyone beleive me if I told you that I got ALL the Profusion polishes for under PKR 800 and free shipping! How amazing?! Excellent deal or what? 

You can by the Profusion nail polishes from Beauty Arena! 
Price of Profusion Polish - PKR 50 (at clearance) 
Luscious Polish - PKR 295
Rimmel 60 Second Polish - blog sale purchase
NX Polish - PKR 100 (available at Beauty Arena)

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul! Don't forget to enter my giveaway here. 

Until next time, tc. 
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