Review-Color Studio Professional Blush

Color Studio Professional is a brand that started out with a few products like nail varnishes and lip glosses, and slowly it has been branching out into blushes, foundations, eye shadows, eye liners and lipsticks. I've been pleasantly surprised with everything I've tried so far from the brand but the blush-ons have to be my favorite!

Now the blush does look kinda scary at first glance with all the orange that you see, but I picked it up on a whim anyways and I'm soo glad it did! I was always one for pinky blushes, never knowing how much an orange hued blush would suit my Asian skin tone. I've been wearing it non stop since the day I got it about two months and it hasn't made a dent in the product so you do definitely get your moneys worth out of it! 

The blush is highly pigmented so keeping a light hand and then building up the intensity is what I'd recommend. I don't have super fantastic brushes to apply my blush with and it still blends in really well and doesn't look patchy or as if you have blobs of orange on your cheeks! Haha! The lasting power of it, honestly, depends on the weather. If you use it during hot and humid days it wont last forever, but if you use it during nicer, cooler less humid weather, you'll get god wear out of it. I think this applies to every makeup product, the longevity depends alot of the weather.

Packaging wise the basic plastic is pretty sturdy although after two months of chucking it in my bag and dropping it anywhere and everywhere the lids hinge has come off. In the products defense, I am super clumsy and anyone who's a bit more careful with their makeup won't find this to be a problem.

All in all, I'd definitely recommend it and for the price of PKR 550 this is an absolute gem!

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