Nayabs Life # 2

So what have I been upto lately? Nothing interesting, at all! But I wanted to do a lifestyle post since I'm not feeling all beauty blogger-y lately so here's a collection of pictures from a couple of days. Hope you enjoy them!

How gorgeous are these two offering by Revlon? I'll definitely be featuring them in upcoming NOTD's irregardless of them being a bit too summery for these cold winter nights haha! Such a rebel I am.

I've seen loads of pictures like these on Google etc, so I thought I'd snap one too, because I really didn't have anything better to do (that sentence rhymes!) lol. A few more markers would've made the picture look fuller in my opinion, oh well..

Nothing glamorous about having inhalers haha, but they are a necessity and I like to keep one everywhere, just in case.

So girls, let me introduce you to the love of my life, the man of my dreams, the reason for my existence.. Robert Pattinson. He's my future husband, he just doesn't know it yet. Ahh I could look at him forever and even that wouldn't be enough. Okay, okay, I'll stop with the fan-girling and the dramatics haha. Love Rob as much as I do?

Been re-reading Cecelia Ahern's The Book of Tomorrow, very different from her normal offerings but still a pleasure to read. It doesn't hurt that the cover is an absolute beauty to look at too. 

About to burn The Body Shop's Aloes & Doucher De Lin candle. Having a lit candle during these frosty winter nights is a must! There's just something about candles that warm me up and make my feel all cozy. Are you a fan of candles? 

Been loving Amber Romance! Love Spell by Victoria's Secret is heavenly but this is a bit more fitting for chilly nights since it has that warm smell to it. I'm not sure why I actually described a scent as warm though, sometimes I puzzle me too! Lol. 

So those were some pictures from recent times in my life haha. I love doing posts like these every once in a while and I hope you enjoy reading them. Please let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

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