Review-Color Studio Professional Eye Inks

Color Studio Professional is a brand that has been gaining quite a following recently and with their eye shadows been launched a while back I decided to give them a go and see how they work out for me.

Both the shades that I have are incredibly soft and pigmented when you touch them with your fingers. When using an eye shadow brush the color has to be applied a few times to gain intensity but that is the case for most eye shadows so that isn't really a problem for me. The finish for the two color is more shimmery than matte and instead of the traditional silver sparkles in eye shadows, these shades have a gold/copper-ish sparkles. They are fairly easy to blend with a bit of fallout that can easily be powdered away. I would recommend using a primer underneath these shadows since they last ages that way. For PKR 400, I'd say they are totally worth the money you pay and then some more.

There are alot of other shades available and I can't wait to get my hands on those.

Until next time, tc.

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